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Email consult

Do you have a specific question or do you have a certain situation which you want to have more clarity about?  You want to take your time to write your question down? And read the consult on a quiet moment? An consult by email is also possible. 

Please write your questions as clear as you can underneath. You can divide it into 2 questions or information. Is your question about you and someone else? Then indicate how your relationship is on this very moment. It's also possible to send a photo. This can be a photo of you and the other person, or the other person by itself. If there are more people on one photo then it will be less clear because of to many energies.

Do you have questions after the consult? Then you can always get in contact by a new email consult or by chat.

The cost for a consult by email are € 30,00 euro and € 35,00 for a consult with a photo reading.  There is only the possibility to pay in Euro's. Other currency is not possible at the moment. 


After Find the Spirit received the form we'll send you a payment request. The payment always reaches us right away.


The whole month of October €5,- discount on all Email consults!!